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Does PRP work for ankle sprain and osteochondral lesions?

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Is PRP is experimental? There is no one size fits all approach and when discussing regenerative medicine with patients, one must take into account the evidence and patient's conditions and goals. Here we discus ankle sprains and Osteochondral lesions.

David Rosenblum, MD has trained thousands of physicians on opiate sparing interventional and non interventional pain management.  He is a NY Based regional anesthesiologist, an interventional pain specialist, who focuses his practice on Regenerative therapy, such as Platelet rich plasma, and bone marrow aspirate, educate other physicians, regarding the evidence, technique, and considerations of applying biologic, such as platelet rich plasma for orthopedic and neurological injuries, such as ankle, sprains and osteochondral lesion.

Check out his recent video from one of his PRP regenerative medicine courses in NYC.


Dr. Rosenblum teaches regenerative pain medicine courses in NY and elsewhere. F

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