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Dr. Rosenblum Lectures on Using Ultrasound to "Think Outside the Box" for Chronic Pain Patients

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Dr. Rosenblum was invited to service faculty at the Appalachian spine and pain meeting courtesy of the West Virginia Interventional Pain Society's annual meeting.

Dr. Rosenblum not only uses ultrasound to perform image guided injections for his patients who are suffering with chronic pain, but is also teaching the techinque to thousands of physicians around the world through his online educational platforms, PainExam, NRAP Academy, and his Podcast, The PainExam Podcast and YouTube Channels.

Dr. Rosenblum was recenlty invited to join ASPN Faculty and lecture on Ultrasound Guided Interventional Pain Management.   As a leader in the world of Interventional Pain, Dr. Rosenblum offers monthly courses on Regenerative Medicine, Ultrasound, and Pain Management Board Review where physicians come from around the US as well as other countries to learn Regional Anesthesia and Ultrasound Guided Interventional Pain Management.